Becoming a Carer

Family Day Care is building into the best childcare option around - one which is flexible, progressive, consistent, family-focused and quality led. So if the thought of building something special for yourself and for children in your community is appealing, we can offer you a rewarding and empowering way to earn a living.

East Brisbane Family Day Care Scheme has been coordinating home- based childcare since 1976; we are first class leaders in this field, and look forward to informing you about the benefits of operating your own Family Day Care business from home.

Family Day Care is an ideal career for people of all ages. As a Family Day Carer you are self-employed and enjoy great flexibility - because once you become a registered educator care provider you work from your own home, you choose your preferred work hours and the days of the week you wish to be available and you set your own fees.

Family Day Care is a wonderful opportunity for many individuals: people who are looking to get off the commuting treadmill; people wanting a career in childcare; people wanting to spend for time at home building and nurturing their family environment and those wishing to look after their own children at home whilst earning an income.

Opening your home to parents and children takes a special kind of person - someone who is able to adapt to different people, cultures and lifestyles. You will also need the support of your own family in this business, as it will have an impact on their lives as well. Good organisational skills, self-management and a clear focus on what it means to offer a Family Day Care experience will help you make a seamless adjustment into working from home.

Family Day Care is personally and financially rewarding. You take on the responsibility for the care, nurturing, education and wellbeing of babies and children. You can select how many and what aged children you would like; ages range from birth up to (and including) primary school aged children.

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