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Educator:To join the East Brisbane Family Day Care as an Educator, costs include a $50 registration fee (one-off) and an ongoing weekly fee of $5 (Educator Levy).

Family:On average our educators charge an hourly rate of $8 - $12 per hour/per child, with additional costings of .90 cents per child/per hour (Admin Levy)and a registration fee of $50.


Here are 3 Amazing Benefits of Joining the

East Brisbane Family Day Care Service

1. Take pride in your profession

Our service offers dynamic opportunities for you to make positive contributions to the community and your profession and build your reputation as a prominent educator.

 2. Professional benefits

The East Brisbane Family Day Care service offers extensive, cost-effective, learning and professional development to help you meet your career development objectives.

Keeping you up-to-date with industry news and events, our team will support your daily working needs. We also offer direct guidance, support and assistance on issues affecting you and your business, to help you stay on top of your career personally and professionally.

3. Maximise your registration

Educators registered with our East Brisbane Family Day Care service are encouraged to keep up to date via our social media platforms and our website for information on the latest professional development training, networking and EBCC social events, practice resources and inspirational guidance.

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